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September 29, 2008


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ikorush sikorsky

It's perfectly understandable how Reaganism, on its deathbed, can only understand the onrush of oblivion within the metaphorical frame of a declaration of martial law.


Wealth Transfer by other means.

ikorush sikorsky


(I don't think the quotation is attributable to Robert Greenstein or CBPP. Hoax.)

JJ Commoner

Bondage services ALWAYS need to be paid for .. no "love" there.

ikorush sikorsky

Even with the absence of love there's usually a cowboy that the chippies favor.


Ike, what led you to conclude the quote was a hoax?

Ikorush sikorsky

The content of the "quotation" reiterates the views of a deranged conservative Texan and has nothing in common with the official press releases on the CBPP website? Maybe I was too quick.

Martial Law invoked in House?

Looks like he said it, but in 2006.


ikorush sikorsky

Ah. A liberal think tanker's hissy fit from two years earlier taken out of context in a vain attempt to enlist an alarmed public to perform CPR on the corpse of Reaganism.

What an unusual tactic. I'm surprised.

Martial Law invoked in House?

Denny has hissy, too:

September 29, 2008

Is this the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?" Rep. Dennis Kucinich Rejects $700 Billion Bailout

loosely, "What's the rush?"

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