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June 22, 2008


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ikorush sikorsky

What is so secret about this secret history? Isn't the same suffering fault as found in "Shock Doctrine"? It is not secret, it has always been out there. Instead you get these passivity enabling narratives of the movement from innocence to awareness, which by their very strategy, obviate action - we've been deluded so long, and the web of intrigue is complex, and everything is much worse thatn you thought. What would be the natural reaction? Impassivity?

Like your fellow Yalie Doug Henwood said about the Klein book:

Those recovering from shock, whether in the Southern Cone or in New Orleans, see themselves as “ [quoting Klein] repair people, taking what’s there and fixing it, reinforcing it, making it better and more equal. Most of all, they are building in resistance — for when the next shock hits.” These are the concluding words of the book. Is this really all we can do? Tinker while the weather’s fair, and get ready to duck and cover on a moment’s notice?

Ikorush, you are framing the questions in my mind too. The first stage is secrecy, then what you have is more like translucence of malignity - you see, know that the malign force knows you see, and know you cannot do anything about, and know the malign is gloating, not too secretly. At one point Perkins notes in passing how the assassination of a third world ecological activist slowed the movement as people got the message. I wonder if that is not his value to his former handlers, his carrying of the toxic message, the emissary of what comes next, if the people he now addresses at ecology conventions don't slow down, back off, wear happy faces. The book documents how pro-democracy, pro-ecology, pro-justice movements, and their leaders, including elected leaders have been crushed. What other conclusion can be drawn than hopelessness? I am not sure that conclusion is external to Perkins, though he now spends his time addressing civil society groups.


Question: Would it be appropriate to send copies of Perkins' books to potential funders of ecological or pro-democracy groups? Who would send it? Someone trying to raise money, or someone trying to make sure prominent funders flee?


Or, maybe, this: First they send in the whores, then the friendly ones with bribes, then the economic hitmen, then the jackals. Has Perkins been demobilized? Or demoted? Well, the world gets on with double bottom line social ventures.

No Fight In The Dog

Check his finger-to-face gestures at appx 47:00, 49:50, 50:00 and 52:20 on the video. Thought he might pull his ear next.


Sure wish I had a constituency of some kind to sell out.

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