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June 14, 2008


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i have taken to eating my own children. quite tasty really, once you get past the sad little cries.

uncle caca was a big help again. he said, teach them to snack on each other early, you know, just kidding like, but make sure that sometimes there's not much else to eat.

all the animals do this. nothing to be ashamed of. it's roach eat roach.

i like the taste — it’s like pork. younger flesh is better — babies taste really fresh. it’s the same with any kind of meat — old people have a stringy texture, like wood, but babies are like lamb. it’s like the way most people prefer lamb over mutton. also babies are pure, so their spirit is clean. when i eat flesh from older humans, it’s like their tainted spirit comes into me. it can be draining if they have negative energy.#

Flat world means protein will be a premium.

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