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June 28, 2008


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Jeff Trexler

Y'know, the picture gets a bit sunnier if you count blog posts in the GNP.


Exactly so. The gift economy. No bubble here at Gifthub.

Jay Taber

The institutionalization of criminality begun by the Reagan administration, later advanced under both Presidents Bush, has had a corrosive effect on American culture beyond the halls of power and corporate boardrooms. Turning this around requires more than official whistle-blowers and idiosyncratic investigators. Without an organized offensive, nothing will come of the exposure of high crimes.

The corruption of Congress resulting in a free pass for these three presidencies and their cronies in criminal private enterprise has set us back immeasurably. Collusion by high-ranking Democrats in blocking impeachment of Reagan and Bush has created a situation in which public confidence in law and order has been shattered.

Rescuing ourselves from this mess is going to be a bloody nightmare.


Private criminal enterprises - from bottlegger, to owning the editor of the paper, to owning the Sheriff, to owning the Judge, to owning the Legislators. Eliott Ness, where are you?


Eliott Ness is detention. He was caught with a prostitute.

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