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May 11, 2008


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Jeff Trexler

Clearly we need another category: capital capital, which refers to our available supply of market imagery.

Which brings to mind one of my favorite McLuhan quotes: "Man's reach must exceed his grasp or what's a metaphor?"

JJ Commoner

I'd like to give the concept of capital back to the cost accountants .. and while I am at it, ROI.

The problem is that eventually everything leads to some sort of unconscious (and constant) reckoning of "what's in it for me", regardless of whether you even want to think like that .. can't escape it, 'cuz everyone else is thinking like that, even if unconsciously.

I have friends (well, used to have) who think that thinking, and asking, "what's in it for me" is the height of being shrewd and aware of what's going on. They think other ways of thinking are lame, for sissies, or unrealistic.

Using accounting principles to run societies will some day be seen as antithetical to, and detrimental to, human society.


We will look back from the poisonous slag heap,and wonder, "Who was doing the accounting as we destroyed the planet?"

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