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May 31, 2008


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Jeremy Gregg

"Sell what you have and follow me," Jesus said.

"But what is the projected ROI?," replied the MBA, who was promptly bucked by his donkey.


"Invest what you have and follow me." The only Apostle who took that advice was Judas.


Right, I noticed that too, Tom. The corporation owns where we work. But does not presumably own us. We simply defer out of a kind of courtesy to those who own where we work, pay our salaries and can replace us at will.

Were the execs and advertisers patriotic? Or were they crowd sourcing their editorial policy, to keep the viewers happy between advertisements?

Did the corporate news system fail? We will only know if we can get copies of their profit and loss for the period in question.

Recuperating the credibility of the newscasters is increasingly difficult. With the money Couric has earned maybe she could own the space where she works and make room there for others too. Of course someone would still have to give her the news to read.

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