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May 27, 2008


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I'm confused by this. Schambra is for structural racism? And deserves a raise?

Though I disagree with Schambra on a great many things, I've found many of his essays to be provocative in a useful way. This piece in the Chronicle, though, seems uncharacteristic - it strikes me as a hit piece, the kind of effort at intimidating funders that has characterized the right wing since the Cold War era. I think he should do better.


I was giving Bill a hard time, by brutally and callously reframing his piece as being "for structural racism." In fact, I am concerned that think tanks on the right do construct and defend a view of reality that reinforces structural racism. Specifically, such thinkers favor "tough love" for the disadvantaged and perpetuate the self-serving myth that the haves have what they have because of meritorious hard work, and that alone. Clearly good fortune comes into it, and good fortune includes the starting point. Far easier to excel if your Dad went to Yale and he and his colleagues do all they can to advance one of their own. Privilege is structural and privilege perpetuates itself. The flip side is a culture of the dispossessed that is hard to break.

I would be happy if Bill responded here. He is a fine writer and a brilliant theorist. He is also a man with a vital interest in ideas. Giving him a hard time as I did in this post was meant to open, not close, the conversation.

Thanks, Devon, for your thoughtful comment.

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