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May 27, 2008


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I don't know, Phil. Maybe Rabelais was just too "old Europe."


Well, I do have a Ben Franklin outfit and wig. And a school bell. I can stand in the hallways and usher people back into the conference rooms? Would that be satire? Or business as usual?


Might work, although they did the Franklin thing in Philadelphia, complete with a call from the dais for three "huzzahs." I was going to suggest that we applaud our own good works, but that's been done too. Two thousand characters in search of an author.


Did you hear Gunderson say, "What we have most to contribute to society is not our money but our vision?" I thought I read somewhere that he said that. I would settle for money, actually.


Scientists at Lawrence Livermore recently suggested that vision be declared a fifth essence since it apparently fills all of space.


Johari Window? The Unknown Unknowns?

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