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May 04, 2008


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JJ Commoner

As I think you know, I've bneen deeply impressed (and inspired) by Charles Handy for quite a long time now, at least 20 years.

I did not know he had published another book, but I am quite interested to read what he has to say, given the quickening of the last ten years combined with the fact that he must be nearing the end of his life (or at least entering the last chapter). I don't know how old he is but I am guessing at least 75 .. I'll have to check wikipedia.

JJ Commoner

I wasn't far off ... 76

JJ Commoner

Apologies in advance for three quick comments in a row ...

Via the Charles Handy entry on wikipedia, I am sure it's just me but I find this wee anecdote just so, well, nifty would be the word.

A feel for Handy's style can be gained from the opening of his autobiography: "Some years ago I was helping my wife arrange an exhibit of her photographs of Indian tea gardens when I was approached by a man who had been looking at the pictures. 'I hear that Charles Handy is here,' he said. 'Indeed he is,' I replied, 'and I am he.' He looked at me rather dubiously for a moment, and then said, 'Are you sure?' It was, I told him, a good question because over time there had been many versions of Charles Handy, not all of which I was particularly proud."


Charming as can be. I look forward to reading his book. I did recall that you had recommended him as a model that had meant much to you in your life and work.

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