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May 11, 2008


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JJ Commoner

It is indeed a good idea ... and there are more and more examples of that basic design happening. The key is of course which kind of filters are applied to the raw material.

That's where the "central question" comes in ... and the draft you suggest implies a whooole lot of filtering. Might be better not to go straight to the heart of the matter first, try a pilot project or two first ?


Flash mobs, maybe?

Jeremy Gregg

Ahhhhh, Lord Phillip, you are living proof that the kings we need will never be the kings we have... they will be but our fools, and our dead.

Those who control the land have no desire to see the power taken from them through such a democratic process. Without charity, how else could they maintain their position?

Have you read "The Revolution Will Not be Funded" by Incite: Women of Color Against Violence? Tis a must read:


Of course, checking this out of the library gets you on "the list." And I don't mean the kind that get you into the restaurants with no names on the front and a white-suited bouncer at the door.


A pinch of incense on Caesar's altar is the test of loyalty. Spiritual capital flows from places like Dallas Central Ministries, and to that financial and social capital rallies, not without as you correctly note opposition. But when was that ever a surprise to those who tradition goes back to the Catacombs, and whose Master died as a King mocked and scorned on a cross? Patriotism is popular. Have you seen the flags on cars and trucks in Dallas? As Patriots and their Spiritual Allies, rally to defend our Constitution against those who would subvert it, we will see a New Morning in America.

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