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April 07, 2008


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J. Erik Potter

There you go - bashing MBAs again. . .Geez. TQM? That's so '70s thinking. I expected more from a follower of Diogenes. We're all about systems thinking now! Check out Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline. ; )

Sidenote, it wasn't that long ago leeches were praised for their medicinal properties.

Phil Cubeta

Mr. Potter, well put. Yes, a Leech was once another term for a Physician. So as a Moral Physician I am an Ethical Leech. As for Senge, he is terrific. His Fifth Discipline was recommended to me by H. Peter Karoff. Systems thinking is does not admit of input/output metrics, right? That is maybe the common ground on which we could all meet, that we need model or maps that are able to capture the living ecosystems and communities of giving, so that when we re-engineer we don't kill the thing we are trying to save.

Anyway, are you - gasp! - an actual MBA? If so, my apologies. I wish I was one. This is all sour grapes on my part.

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