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April 03, 2008


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arnie draiman

very nice idea. but, one must be thorough in vetting recipients. tough call, but this idea can really be helpful and useful.

well done.

arnie draiman
philanthropic consultant

Phil Cubeta

Yes, that is a good point. Who does the vetting, but this seems based on the idea of community, almost a parish. We see the fellow parishioner, someone we have known from birth, fall on hard times, see them in church with their kids, see how bedraggled. We know why they are broke. The mill shut down and the jobs when to Manila. The pension plan went bust. The town is emptying out. Few jobs to be had. Such vetting is not so hard when you think of giving as embedded in daily life, rather than intermediated by nonprofits. KIVA is what this program reminds me of, in that it connects two people via electronics, one of whom knows the personal details of the other. KIVA could have a vetting problem as it grows.

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