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March 01, 2008


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Goat Cart Heart

Pumped to a person, the angels of mercy wheel out in enormous black SUVs.

Why not mopeds. Or goat carts.

Oddly enough, however, the director thought that Porgy had to be more of a man to attract Bess; so he chose to eliminate Porgy's goat cart and to substitute crutches; the goat cart was "Disneyish," Nunn said. Thus in the final scene Porgy, on his way to New York in pursuit of Bess, throws away his crutches, calls for his "coat" (not his goat) and limps off the stage!


i am in durant oklahoma i live with my parents ive never owned my own home im 33 i have two boys who are 14/15 im on a fixed incom ive been disabled since i was 3 i had a stroke due to a blood clot they took a clot out and half of the motor function of my brain and it then had left me parlized i gained my walking at the age of 7 i was so blessed and greatfull to my parents they keeped the doctors from puting me on life suport my father took me home against the doctors permistion because they where giveing up on me my mom taught me how to walk i started to begin walking at 7 then i ended up with sezures but as time passed i got sick again at 3 it sucked but then they took out another clot one more time and 7 syest pockets i died in my liveing room floor my dad did not no cpr so he began to hit my chest till i got my breath agin but all so at 3 i was all so left handy caped on my left leg and i am unable to gain mucel tone in my left leg all so my left foot is smaller then my rigght so i cant wear some shoes id like to all so i got sick agin at 24 i had lost my legs at that time for 4 days couldnt walk but gained it back my son had got bit by a dog and i pushed my self to walk it hurt but i did it because he was 5 at the time it scared me so bad but i begin to walk one more time thank god but im doing good i have been in my parents home hopeing some day i could have a home insted of liveing in my parents home ive had to rent and its hard and my parents have to rent as well my dad is falling behind he has had to get lones to stay above water left oweing them and there calling all the time now i wish my parents and i owened are own home they are in there 50,s my mom has a boold dezies she has to many red boold cells so they take it out of her every other month or they take it out as needed she has the frist stages of cancer she takes meds for it every day and still going strong she is a fighter and my dad is a disabled vet purpole heart and i have two brothers 35/28/ my oldest strougels every day to make ends meet but still dont get far he has to rent as well he is a cumputer tec but they got him on the floor and he is really good at his work so i dont think its right for them to throw his talent like that while most are takeing his place where they had put him at frist all so i have a brother that is in prison at gatesville texas he will get out in july day after his birthday i wish he could come home sooner he is a very good man he had lost his self along the way but i hope that when he comes home that he would be able to get a good job so he could try to get a car and a home maybe some day paid for i and my parents would like to live in kerns texas because where we live is causeing my youngest to acted out my boys dont have a very good relastionship with there dad hes not been in there life he owes them childsuport he cant get the states money paid back soon enought he is trying to get me to defer 39000.00 im not paying back tanth thats how i get there child suport threw dhs its real hard when all u get is a fixed income you only get paid 2 times in one month so when i get it i have to make the most of it i cant even buy shoes and cloths for my boys my dad does most of that for me i give him all my money and we put it toghether so we can live in this house its still not easy because my dad is behind payments about 4000.oo because he got so far behind due to the prices going up so i get to spend about 171.00 a mounth on my self my dad takes the rest so i can help him pay his bills it sucks i dont there for get to do any thing for my boys in geting them any thing they have asked me for so many things but i can not give it to them they have told me that they wish they could both have a cumputer but i cant do that they have both said they wish they could have a fourwheeler but i cant do that not even a dirtbike they have both ask for cell phones so ill no where they are when i need them or get worried about them they both are in need of clothes as well as the rest of us my oldest will get his drivers licens soon after drivers ed i have no insurenc on my boys or money put back for them for colleg o by the way cant spell very good hope you can tell what im really saying i all so wish you could make me and my mom,dad. and me and my boys over it would be so cool i no that its hard on my boys and parents my dad becaues we are about to loose his house dont have the rent he owes 4000.00 he is really behind payments are a 1000.00 a mounth we would like to live in texas to much trobable here any way i hope you could send a angel to help us and oprah im so proud of you helping thoes that are less fortionet and may angels watch over you always as for my boys,and parents and my self wheather you help us at all i no ive been blessed because im still here any way your friend from durant oklahoma 104 sand piper cricle 74701 my phone number is 1580-931-9058 sign misty rask my madin name is self

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