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February 05, 2008


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In addition to being a command, it is a koan the needs to be decoded, and yet can never be fully decoded. Self-knowledge changes the self, hence the process can never be complete.

What is beyond the possibilities of a focused mind? We can learn anything we set out to learn, if we know our mind, our self well enough and have enough focussed time. What is possible when we work together?


Maybe it is an imperative, or maybe it is the brand promise of the Oracle, their bold claim: enter, give us a chariot or two, hear our delphic prophecy, and know yourself.


Or a warning, as: if you knew yourself, you'd know better than to seek our product.

JJ Commoner

In a world of "Brand You", isn't "Know Thyself" a Google text ad ?


Yes, exactly, Tom. The Priestess has a mordant sense of humor. "Know thyself, Sucker, because you sure don't know me."

Josh Millard

Or a more euphemistic jag: "(Go) 'know' thyself, bucko."

I'll take your chariot, but I don't need your chariot, and it doesn't buy you nothin'. Apply thin veneer of civility, serve with wink, and dare the bored and wealthy to call the bluff or not?


Get the chariot first; then you can play the client with an ambiguous prophecy. But get the chariot up front, would be my suggestion.

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