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February 02, 2008


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So, how do you invest your own capital for a socially helpful return? You've laid out what's wrong. You've said it's hypocrisy. But what's your positive answer to wanting to make a world better? I think outfits like Benetech are one kind of solution. What do you think?

John at All Things Fundraising


Thanks for stopping by, John. I do not claim to have an answer, within the context of an unchanging system, diddling at the edges with atomized investor and consumer choices. If there are answers they would have to be in scale with the problems, such as environmental depletion and collapse. Benetech seems a noble effort. A nonprofit, though, right? I was talking here more about socially conscious funds that invest in for profits. Donating that money to nonprofits is a whole other question. For that the investor does not get a financial return.

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