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January 26, 2008


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JJ Commoner

Thank you too, Phil, for being a responsible go-between.

It would be interesting indeed to see more of it on the Web, but / and the Web is still busy maturing. That process will continue, for better and worse. A lot has happened in 10 short years, and it will be very interesting to see whether there is more commercial occupation or more civic engagement on the Web in another decade .. or both.


Would a funder endow a Chair in Social Media at Hudson? Maybe Zuckerman, the guy who founded Facebook? Paypal his prior company was, apparently, a funder of Hudson. The Facebook Chair of Civic Discourse and Renewal?

JJ Commoner

Sent you a link to an interesting paper on the rise of collective intelligence and its impact on business logic, models and org structures, forwarded to me by one of our mutual friends.

Not unrelated to your hopes and desires re: broadening and deepening the discourse


Thanks, JJ. Collective intelligence as opposed to the madness of crowds, partis pris, or the wisdom of sound-bites would be nice.

JJ Commoner

Your points in the post where you blogged it are bang-on. The discussion needs to shift more (at least in some spheres) to the commons, civil and civic society, etc. though one might argue that there's a fair bit of activity and impact in the bloglands that is indeed pushing and pushing on established institutions and models (politics, media, journalism, education, and so on) and that some of that pushing includes casting a skeptical eye, publicly, on the obsession with monetization and the making of profits.

Much discussion, vetting, learning and evolution yet to come, I speculate.


Take human flourishing as the standard, rather than monetization. Add autonomy and self-determination within a just polity as part of human flourishing. Then go back to social media and ask what is being optimized? Flourishing of participants or profits and control for owners?

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