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January 19, 2008


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Philippe Bradley

Yawn. YASN [Yet Another Social Network]. Seriously, what value could these guys possibly add compared to a large, non-niche platform that allows groups to form, but more importantly, has others around not yet in the 'scene' that the for-good groups forming can attract. An isolated social network really isn't much good compared to that, and you could even make the argument that they simply dilute the environment and effort others put in, and waste the attention (a limited resource!) of activists, both current and potential.

I wish people would stop developing web stuff out of boredom. Stop, think objectively about whether you're adding value, if no, then don't do it - save your resources and ours, for something more innovative.


Philippe, it does seem that the space is getting crowded with these walled garden community sites. What do you see as the alternative? Blogs, yes. Anything else what would speed the formation of social networks for social good?

Alberto Nardelli

Thanks for the review, and to others for their comments.

I'm the chief strategist at UnLtdWorld, and wanted to respond to Philippe's comment - there are actually differences between sites:

Most non-niche social networking sites are networks, so effective within circles of acquaitances, UnLtdWorld aims to be a community, so to foster new connections efficiently. To go beyond the people you know.

Context - the site aims to create a "social market place", so to dynamically connect for example social entrepreneurs to potential clients and supporters, or listings of resources driven by those that which actually use these resources, enabling relevancy to emerge.

Purpose - try joining a group around a specific cause on a generic site, and to evaluate the quality of conversations, most will be self-promotion, with comments not adding much value.
Most sites enable to broadcast information - e.g. I go to a part upload a photo and share with all my friends, and within that framework work well.
What is at times needed is to match content and people based on common values, aims, relevance etc... make it easy for a donor to find projects related to the issues they want to support, of for a social entrepreneur to find a service in their local area.

To be brief the dynamics, economies and consequently the impact and implications, between sites are actually different (for example you would use Facebook differently than how you use LinkedIn, and blogs have rather different dynamics all togehter), and complete one another.

Said all that UnLtdWorld is actually not a walled garden, but built on an architecture that will enable in time users to share their "network" and the relation (between members and content) on other sites and vice-versa.

The site is still in closed Beta, so lots is still needed, and to improve, so do keep the feedback, and hopefully constructive ideas coming. Do let me also know if you'd like an invite, as would love to know your thoughts (ideally post having used the site).


Alberto, thank you for your thoughtful response.

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