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January 08, 2008


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Clear as an azure sky of deepest summer

Care for a fitting, sir? Very non-invasive, our tailors have the deftest touch. Right as rain in no time, sir. All singing, all dancing, all nude and all fucked up.



So we size one another up, circling, the seller and the sold, the donor and nonprofit, the advisor and the client. How we make this into a partnership or collaboration for high and noble ends, or even pretty good ends might be the question. Not serving the donor, etc, but partnering with donors, advisors, and nonprofits for inspired outcomes.


Transparency is defined so many different ways. I wish that nonprofits were a bit more clear and transparent about where donor's money is going. Sometimes a campaign is for a specific purpose and ends up being put to greatest needs... I don't think that is Transparent... I wrote a posting about this very thing http://www.asmallchange.net/?p=30


Yes, I see you point about wanting to see where the money goes. If I give to provide a goat, I want the goat! That makes sense from a consumer standpoint. Does it impose a burden on the nonprofit to parcel its work out like that in hundred dollar chunks and account for it all?


Sometimes a campaign is for a specific purpose and ends up being put to greatest needs

How often does this really happen? In the past couple years, I've seen it twice - and staff called/wrote the donors to describe the new purpose, presented the rationale, and asked if it was OK. If not, gift returned. Restricted funds have stayed restricted. Is that not a common experience with your donations?

Or is it that when a splashy campaign is presented, the donors don't ask where the donation goes? I know I don't really own any wolves.

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