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January 20, 2008


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Josh Millard

That's a great list; a lot of good observations distilled very well. I wasn't familiar with Rheingold, but I'm going to try to keep an eye on his stuff now.

It's interesting to consider how well portions of it apply in practice to some of the community sites I've followed -- some of his points seem to necessarily flex in the face of larger, more inertia-driven contexts, for example, and there are questions begged by some of his points that taken as a yes/no point to matched pairs of ideologically different communities. But even at that most of it seems just spot on.

The dateline on that page is 1998; I wonder what Howard would change, if anything, on a rewrite a decade later?


I wonder too. He is quite a force.



Rheingold was active in the online community The WELL ("YOYOW - You Own Your Own Words") since the mid-80s. It was a pioneering online community cofounded by Stewart Brand and Larry Brilliant and later purchased by Salon Media Group in 1999*.

Rheingold's experience at the WELL led to his writing The Virtual Community -- "Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier."

Others have written about their experience on the WELL. For example, former WELL Director Cliff Figallo wrote "Hosting Web Communities."


Thanks for the visit and for the links, eric.

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