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January 08, 2008


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Alan Kligerman

Are you sure that demon isn't a Pekinese? Sure looks like one, and it would be just like a goddess to pass gas and blame it on her dog. Also, if she's appearing here masked, shouldn't she link her image to her GiftHub profile so that we may know her?


Good points all, Alan. That may be a Pekinese, it is indeed her dog. That tray she is sitting in, or tub, or dumpster like thing, can be turned upwards. When you do that, it turns out that underneath is a very scary demon face. Those legs on her dumpster are actually the demon's fangs. She does indeed deserve a bio. Maybe she should be our mascot or logo or tutelary goddess. Who else could ward off our generous patron, Candidia Cruikshanks? Maybe she could write our FAQ and help people find their footing here? "Demons Welcome" could be the comment policy?


Do you go as the Tutor, or Senator Minim?


I go in my best Dick Minim (Senator D MA) imitation, but mindful that as a Democrat I should be deferential around Conservative Thought Leaders like William Schambra.


We are otafuku-men, ol' None and I. But we'll settle for a little azz.


Fo shizzle my nizzle.


Thank you, large breasts, the monkey dance, the inspiration from the gods, mirth, drink, the ritualization in noh dramas. The themese are so familiar, as in Rabelais, reaching back to Aristophanes, but now those themes articulated from within an entirely different tradition. Human nature and power relations - some thngs don't change. Art and congeniality, drink, and humor, masquerade, profane physicality, rude impersonations, and monkeyshines, how else do we cast out demons?

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