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January 04, 2008


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Michelle Moon

"Fifty professional grantmakers and leaders at thirty foundations and nonprofit organizations evaluated applications for distinction, merit, cost-effectiveness, and accomplishment. Location, diversity among fields and kinds of organizations, appeal to donors, and value in teaching and promoting philanthropy, all contributed to the final decisions. For a complete list of participating foundations, check our acknowledgments link at the Greater Washington Catalogue's home page."

"The Catalogue also reviews its charities for financial transparency, and all are scrutinized with an eye toward accountability. (See who our reviewers are.) Our rigorous evaluation process is designed to identify those organizations with the most impact and to provide you with a carefully vetted list of excellent, trustworthy nonprofits.".

Now, that's what I'm talkin' about.


Agreed. A nice counterpoise to the conversation about metrics. Such catalogues exist for MA and DC. I believe they are the only two areas.


Actually they've also been developed for St. Louis (MO) and for Whatcom County (VA). There's one in the planning for LA, I believe. Here's a link. Barbara Harman of the Harman Family Foundation did a terrific job of importing the Massachusetts model to DC.

Since everybody's nervously fully disclosing everything short of the name of their dentist these days, I'll mention that I'm on the board of the DC Catalogue and that some of my staff members helped vet the charities that appeared in the Catalogue. The foundation I work at also supports the Catalogue with grant money and tachnical assistance. No animals were used in the posting of this message.


Albert, interesting. I appreciated the link to the DC Philanthopy Cataloque, sent to me, apropos of the conversatios here, by someone at the Cataloque. That you are a board memmber only makes me more interested to go through the Catalogue carefully. Thank you for the information about other catalogues in the making.

Barbara Harman

It's many years later, but I just stumbled across this. Here we are in 2011, the DC Catalogue is in its eighth year, it has raised over $12.5 million, and we have 100 volunteer reviewers working on the project. So check out the latest Catalogue, and our newly redesigned website (cfp-dc.org), launched last year. The only thing that's missing is Albert, who left us to go run the Comm Fndn in N.O. Imagine!

Phil Cubeta

Albert has much to answer for.

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