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January 24, 2008


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With all this talk about business language and thinking for non-profits, I couldn't resist picking put Go-Giver when I noticed it at the bookstore today. The idea is that to be successful at business at the highest levels, you have to give it away and trust that it will come back to you. There is still a long way from there to giving because it is the right thing to do, but hey, fake it 'til you make it.


Oh, almost forgot, wanted to point to my new object, my take on "Radical Failure", excellence in the pursuit of error.

What Do You Call The Guy Who Graduated First In His Class In X School?

Very appealing, Gerry. Do I spy a couple of polyps in there?


BTW, what is "X School" is X a stand in for any school, or is that something like X-games, X-box or X-tra-judiciary?

What Do You Call The Guy Who Graduated First In His Class In X School?

Stand still, mate. It'll hurt less.

(My Dad says it stands for this.)


Is this work of art signed, Gerry? Framed?


It is signed and not yet matted and framed. Up until last week it was just taped to a door near my workshop in the basement without the title and signature.

The original is pen plotter output of my final design as submitted for the class. I've already passed the book the a work friend and will give him the other part when I finish it. I plan on uploading a better photo when it is completed.

robert guinto

I would disagree with you on asking business people to bring their money and not be bossy. Most nonprofits need the business expertise to be efficient, accountable and strategic as an organization. I would challenge each nonprofit to have at least 25% of their board represented by individuals from the business community.


Expertise, time, talent, yes, but also an open mind and heart, a willingness to appreciate what makes the nonprofit the voluntary sector.

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