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December 13, 2007


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what good is philanthropy unless it's extreme?


i want to see rich folk chudder. i want to see rich folk in government chudder. i want to see some dam thing chudder.



By "Extreme Philanthropy" is meant "Sacrificial Giving," or giving until it hurts, or giving as much as 50% of income or asset. Extreme Social Change Philanthropy - where would you invest that if it began to flow? "The Fund to Stamp Out Wealthy People"?


hold it, chief.

by "chudder" is meant

thing a clutch does when it becomes eccentric to its flywheel.

a warped clutch can be a good thing for some people. shows they've been shifting gears.


Got it. "Philanthropy," said a famous man, "is the passing gear of American society."

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