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December 04, 2007


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Jeremy Gregg

Thanks for continuing the conversation here, Phil. Beware... they are watching:


I hope your patron is less concerned about what you write on your blog in the midnight hour than mine is.

Alas. The life of a beggar.

Your fellow dumpster dweller,


Welcome to the public square, Jeremy. Parables, fables, and allegories may be more artful as weapons of the weak than are candid midnight ramblings. Candidia supports me financially. I support her with my writing. What happens in Wealth Bondage stays in Wealth Bondage.

Jeremy Gregg

Thanks for the encouragement, Phil. I posted a follow-up on the blog today. I think I'll take a break from airing CDM's donors' dirty laundry for a bit, though.


Yup, never blog about work unless you do it as part of your job under the usual supervision and checks and balances. Blog as a citizen, respect confidences, and consider the best interests of your employer, patrons, and constituents. I do not always agree with my generous patron, Candidia, but I never say a word against her. That would be a Career Limiting Move.

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