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December 08, 2007


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Alexis Martin Neely

Fantastic post about how kids can get their parents to do their planning and communicate with the kids about it.

Just yesterday, I meant with parents brought into see me by their kids who had done their own planning and inspired the senior generation.

Thanks for this.



Thank you, Alexis. Added you to the Resource list.


Nice thought.
Tia smith
estate planning

Estate Planning

Pretty wells stated..

Estate Planning

Phil Cubeta

By law, the attorney has a seat at the table as the only one who can issue legal opinions on specifc patterns of fact, or do legal documents embodying the client's intentions. Whether attorneys are the best adapted to the discussion of ideals - well, I think most attorneys would be happy to be relieved of that responsibility.

John Assam

Nice comment PBC.
John Assam
estate planning

Phil Cubeta

An estate tax attorney might ask, "Do you own the Buick or does your wife own that?" But will not ask, "What ideals will guide the distribution of your earthly possessions? What aspirations will animate your plan from now until death?" Thus, legacies are planned. "I own the Buick, but it is registered in TX. I live in PA. Does that make a difference?" To that the attorney will have an answer. The aspiration question, on the other hand, is not attorney work. So it goes unasked. That this relentless focus on merely materialistic concerns in planning for death is not considered malpractice surprises me. Goals in planning do matter. Goals stem from needs, wants, and also aspirations. Not to touch on those is, well, how attorneys do it.

Estate Planning

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Hazel Knight
Estate Planning

Estate Planning

I am very pleased with the thought and don’t feel like adding anything in it. It a perfect answer.

Hazel Knight
Estate Planning

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