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December 30, 2007


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O Lucky Man

Funny rat pictures in this.

And this.


Nothing we can do. Be of good cheer. Maybe it will turn out ok in the end.

JJ Commoner

FIFO - Fit In or (get) Frisked (in) Orifi

You will take that belt off, sir !

Madame, those bobby pins might be a new form of near-nuclear bomb when mixed with some sparkling water ..

Jeezus f*&^*(&^% Keerist .... when will people start to grow up ?


Meanwhile, apparently, the naro cartel is running tons of drugs in a special fleet of submarines. Clearly, our borders are not protected against incursion of illicit materials, whether drugs or weapons of mass destruction. But knitting needles are well controlled.

JJ Commoner

tinyurl link goes nowhere


Worked for me when cut and pasted into the browser. Just an article on a sub carrying tons of drugs, one of many such subs, apparently.


Yeah, worked for me too.

It makes me wonder how they got caught. Did the particular sub have a malfunction so it could not submerge maybe? Also, shouldn't it be painted yellow?




I have another question. Why doesn't market fundamentalism apply to the drug war?


Now you've got me curious. It appears that there are hobbyists who are quite a bit more advanced than the drug dealers.

As with UAVs, you will probably start seeing a lot more military development programs for this sort of thing, as well as defensive technologies. So far we don't have anyone talking about restricting the building of experimental craft on the theory they are munitions. It raises some interesting second amendment issues, doesn't it.


Blackwater Underwater Services....

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