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December 29, 2007


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heiresses look better in a mask anyhow. most guys would get behind that i think.

JJ Commoner

For any normal lifestyle, with a 5 million dollar inheritance you might blow off a 100K or 200L celebrating at a good hearty wake (and shopping spree), buy another nice apartment, and then invest 4 million with savvy advisors to return say 8% per year, effectively giving yourself a cool $320K per year annuity stream.

However, I suspect that Paris will feel absolutely betrayed, and impoverished, in this scenario. Mind you, it is the grandparent. her mom sure looked happy to see her when she got out of jail if I remember correctly. She may end up avoiding living out her waning years in a physical Dumpster, though what she lives in a moral and / or psychological sense one can only speculate upon.


Someone who makes $6.5 mil a year can't get too excited about a $5 mil inheritance. Paris is earning her own way in our celebrity culture. I am sure she will eventually enter her philanthropic phase, maybe opening a museum of handbags.


I like Paris a lot, she dose not have to work, but dose, and she works hard at her TV show, etc. So she was born into wealth, Paris tries very hard at everything she dose, and usually succeeds. It hurts when you love someone, like your Grandfather, then they die, and leave you a paltry sum, and everyone else lots of money. I do not know why Grandpa did that, but I still love him and forgive him, its not the money but the principal.


Phil Cubeta

Yes, she got shafted, in that sense.

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