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December 02, 2007


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Blank Filling

Mr. Fosco should get out more. I mean out of the Conrad Black: from Hudson Institute to Prison thread.

As an adviser in the field of charity, it would be quite interesting to hear him mix it up with the other (very sophisticated) children on the playground, presumably his peers.

I myself am humbly inadequate to that task, but Joseph brings money to the plate as do so many of the more legitimate kids who regularly visit this site.

What say you, Joseph? Come play?


He won't. He's to serious to come out an play with us.

Besides, it's a full time job for him just keeping his precious illusions in place. Denial takes up a lot of mental energy, better to just be clueless or kill enough braincells with alcohol like W has. Cheaper and more fun than a lobotomy.

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