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December 20, 2007


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Thanks a bunch, Phil. We also had an interview today on Vermont Public Radio. (It's a good time of year for gift stories.)


I put in a plug for an interesting French charity called Libre Objet that provides jobs for the homeless in Alsace making fun and interesting art objects that the organization sells in the Christmas Market in Strasbourg. I suppose that you could say this is a middle-class version of "deep luxury", kind of like the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts of goats and camels.

Maybe this will encourage the super-rich to give fair trade coffee plantations or low income housing units as christmas presents...


my landlord reduced my rent by five bucks, does that count?

it might be just for this month though.


Trade places with a Bum for one day?


i've got a colonoscopy coming up. that would be a good day.


Homeland Security related, Archy?


they're looking for my brother in law. i told him he wasn't in there.

fat lot of good that did me.


I am sure that torturing your brother is just routine, nothing personal. Doesn't mean he is guilty of anything. Just a precautionary measure.


Freedom's just another name for nothing left to hide.


Hard to embarass those who live naked in a public dumpster.

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