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December 18, 2007


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Jeremy Gregg

The mission leads, hopefully.


Well put.

Jeff Doyle

In the spirit of Jeremy Gregg's post, I would ask "Have you built other man-made islands successfully in the past?"


Thanks Jeff. It's the least we can do to drive off the pitch men while Phil is off hobnobbing with the Hudson folk.

Maybe the Tutor will have a drink with us. I wonder how much hell we can raise around the dumpster before he gets back.


Raise money, raise hell, or better yet, with Otafuku, raise our glass of sake high.

aaron silverstein

why has my post been removed


It has been removed because you make the same comment over and over and it is not relevant to the conversation.

aaron silverstein

what conversation......the only person that made a post was a post about what i said.....

aaron silverstein

but o well no big dill

aaron silverstein

the space plane will change the earth big time .......for if poeple find a planet that is better then the earth ......then the earth will be a 2 class planet.....allso poeple that need land will move to the better planet and make new countrys

aaron silverstein

new years on the moon 2010.....are you invited


Ok, Aaron. Can we leave it at that? Go in peace.

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