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December 29, 2007


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Sounds a lot like I would expect as a sermon to go with the satire of WB, the way you have described Swift writing satire and delivering sermons in alteration.

I think there are key insights here. A lot of Liberals do still need to be woken up to the fact of evil in the world, and a lot of Conservatives have to actually start applying a real moral standard to the leaders who only pretend to hold their values.

We can make common cause on the truth of the depth of corruption of so many of our leaders, political, religious and corporate. Human truth may be relative, but we can still know a liar when we hear him.

Watching his video, it occurs to me that I would probably be one of them Unitarian Universalist types if I knew any of them. Still, I probably wouldn't join, just attend services and events occasionally. Still makes me a Christian, right?


Unitarians are Christians? Wikipedia puts it this way: "Unitarians sum up their faith as "the religion of Jesus, not a religion about Jesus." Historically, they have encouraged non-dogmatic views of God, Jesus, the world and purpose of life as revealed through reason, scholarship, science, philosophy, scripture and other prophets and religions. They believe that reason and belief are complementary and that religion and science can co-exist and guide them in their understanding of nature and God. They also do not enforce belief in creeds or dogmatic formulas. Although there is flexibility in the nuances of belief or basic truths for the individual Unitarian Christian, general principles of faith have been recognized as a way to bind the group in some commonality. Adherents generally accept religious pluralism and find value in all teachings, but remain committed to their core belief in Christ's teachings."


Then there is the Unitarian Universalists, to whom you were probably referring,

"Unitarian Universalism (UUism) is a theologically liberal religious movement characterized by its support of a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning." This principle permits Unitarian Universalists a wide range of beliefs and practices. Unitarian Universalist congregations and fellowships tend to retain some Christian traditions such as Sunday worship that includes a sermon and singing of hymns, but do not necessarily identify themselves as Christians."


Yes, a kind of Christianity I can be comfortable with. For Sukkot we celebrated with a group of "Secular Jews" based in Oak Park, IL. I sense that they could be just as comfortable at a UU congregation as a UU congregant would be in their community. Completely compatible in philosophy, just a different language and symbology.


Yes, more the latter (check out his video, I think that's what the group he was talking to was). Either way they are liberal enough not to really exclude each other on principle.

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