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November 22, 2007


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JJ Commoner

Political Ponerology looks like a powerful book. Its history would indicate so, too.

Pity that it will probably only be read by a few people, and even more a pity that perhaps a majority of those who read it may do so to figure out how to adjust for the next steps.


The physicians of public insanity (PPI for short) appear to have the upper hand:

When they offer "reasonable" arguments for, say, invading Iran, the PPI foment a good deal of nervous and indignant ire among opponents. The story plays up. The public is treated to dose after dose of media anxiety, stoking an ever more general sense of mass helplessness and things falling apart.

This plays to the advantage of the Giuliani brigade, which appears to be funded by the same scum that backed the present Obscenity.

Because in USia today, when people begin to lose confidence, and to find the Other elusive and hostile, only a white male will do.

And look who has him.

No matter whether you join the PPI, or oppose them, so long as the general perception is one of impending chaos, they (let one vile Texan sit in for all) stand a good chance of winning.


Great links, Tom. This is investing for political return on investment at its best. Seeing how "common sense" is created, who funds it, and how they drive it, is sickening. The media participate but do not out themselves. Few do. Conrad Black when he has his moment of metanoia, and repents, or is Born Again, will do much good turning this seamy fabric inside out and exposing the stitching to the light. He could yet change the world for the better. May his Morals Tutor, Spiritual Confidant, the Bishop, his Cardinal, or a PR consultant make that case with him. How is the illusion of Freedom or Democracy maintained while the few run it like a Wealth Bondage Scene Room?

JJ Commoner

That's why the Shock Doctrine and disaster capitalism make so much sense. Pity she's Canadian.

Tho' .. Klein hosted a book salon over at Firedoglake blog about a week / 10 days ago and offered some very interesting answers to some well-informed questions.

One of the things she noted in response to one commenter's question that I thought quite telling was that even though the book is a significant bestseller, there have been virtually no invitations to discuss the book from the 'mainstream" media (the big networks and major papers, to be more precise).

It was also cool that her husband Avi Lewis joined in (Stephen Lewis" the AIDS ambassador's son) joined in the FDL book in a spirited way. He is a well-known and provocative television and radio host and documentary filmmaker in Canada. Quite a family, really.

The rhetoric and manipulation is such that we all get it coming and going, up or down and sideways now, and there's a real problem with being earnest and truthful .. you end up being quickly and completely rolled over by one of those big asphalt-smoothing bulldozers (metaphorically speaking).

While it is nice and useful to take responsibility and be actors and agents .. IMO we need help !!

As LC might say, "things are gonna slide, slide in all directions, ain't nothin'' left you can measure any more".


To question the narratives of normalcy is to be mad. When you return from your stay in our Sanitorium, JJ, you will feel much better. You seem depressed. Maybe you should fit in, and have friends, and be like a normal person. This can't be good for your mental health, questioning things like this.

JJ Commoner

I think it was you that stole my Zoloft, wasn't it, Phil ?

'Fess up ...


Thunderbird does it for me. The thinking man's tipple.

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