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November 29, 2007


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The Explorer was doubled-hulled, but it lies at a depth of 3,000 feet, beyond salvage.

According to Wikipedia, double hulls are a more extensive safety measure than double bottoms.

Experts predict that the sinking will have little effect on the Eco-tourism industry - which is probably a pretty good example of a double bottomline operation.

"Soul" is a placeholder word that draws its power precisely from the absence of what it purports to denote. This has led to the rise of a fiduciary class which earns its living from marketing salvage operations directed at what has always already been lost. You could say the same about nature as about soul.

The only people who "have" soul are those who able to perform it, such as the Calypso singers of the Carribean, or even people consigned to Hull.


Speaking of a sold out fiduciary class, what better instance than commercial musicians working for record labels? Better to make music as in calypso by beating on an oil drum or trash barrel.


What does the worker gain from his toil? We all have seen the burden record labels place upon musicians. They have distributed beautiful recordings in timely fashion. They have also created a demand in the hearts of consumers; yet the musicians cannot fathom what record labels have done from beginning to end, due to their ignorance of double-entry bookkeeping and related skills.

Roger McGuin testified before congress in 1980 that the Byrds never saw a cent in royalties from their biggest hit, "Turn Turn Turn."

No, the musician is a gullible trustee, at the mercy of the corrupt fiduciaries, known as the Big Four. Which no doubt helps account for plethora of independent labels run for or by artists, which make little profit but get the product out.

In the end less than a fraction of a single percent of working musicians can earn a viable living from a relationship with a record label. I suppose there a few lucky ones who are rewarded handsomely for their roles as assistant soul fiduciaries, for lending a sheen of authenticity to the enterprise, but the rest of us, as we watch them on the stage, may find
our hands are clenched in fists of rage.


Q. What are you doing sitting on a pile of garbage like that in your Dumpster, naked?

A. I am stewarding the Commons.


Seeing as a dumpster's purpose is to contain and conceal its content prior to hauling, you could make an argument for a relation: although haul may be only a homonym. There certainly is something apocalyptic about the raising of a dumpster's lid on a hot summer day.


Garbage belongs to the undiffentiated matter that comes before and after life, before and after private property. Garbage is taboo, sticky, smelly, unsightly, like the corpse rotting in the garden. From such stench, what rebirth?


Clinton II?

Phil Cubeta

Neoliberalism or conflagration. Hard choice. I go for neoliberalism, as a slower burn.


And now conflagration triumphs, as neoliberalism, reloaded.

Phil Cubeta

Lawful looting is not illegal, and to protest it would be a crime.

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