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October 06, 2007


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Kevin Jones

You have a way of drawing people into a dialogue that is quite amazing, Phil. I guess my only response would be, I'm not waiting for a cure. Wounded healer, if even such a designation is not too presumptious. If I waited till i knew what to do I wouldn't do much.

Here is the way I learn. I was in India about four or five years ago. I saw a snake charmer. Now i know what that game is about; they have to keep up a totally random rhythm for hours, because the snake is trying to engage them in a rhythm where it can accurately assess the striking distance, bite and likely kill them. I watched for a while. bought a pipe and sat down in front of the snake. I did my best funky shaking thing, the kind of rhythm women typically find it impossible to follow when i dance.

Within 30 seconds, the snake and i were the most perfect dancing partners I'd ever experienced. i looked briefly in its eye; and bailed out behind the real snake charmer. I'd already figured out where I'd put my right hand, how I'd spin, etc. He had to take over because i'd put him between me and the snake. He'd probably never seen such a crazy American. I don't know. But i discovered that charming a deadly cobra is not really a game for amateurs. So.. i guess you'd call that my learning style. Jump in with the snake and see what happens.

Which is to say, I don't wait to plan things out before i move. Most times it works. Some times, and more often in the non profit, socal sector world than in the business world, it blows up in my face. But despite my basic predelictions, it seems to be working out pretty well. Looking at the snake story, I mean, if you are asking for a fool, who but a fool would try to charm a cobra?

Kevin Jones

Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar."


Moral dialog with a stranger, a powerful stranger, in the public square - snake charmer - perfect. Thank you for that. It perfectly captures how it feels. Yes, if the antagonist can see where you are coming from, the predator strikes and it is all over. The partner/adversary must almost know, but not quite, how to locate the target. Bull fighting must be like that too. This is an ancient ritual, an ancient game. It would not be worth watching if the snake were not venomous or if the bull had no horn. What the Fool tells the King would get any Courtier killed.

Kevin Jones

so that's what i was doing!


Yes, practicing in a relatively safe environment.

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