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October 10, 2007


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Perhaps this is the age in which reference triumphs over meaning, not just in our regard for material things, but in our impatience with the process of soul-making. We point in order to refer--to ostend--but the unraveling of meaning requires an act of reflection, a moment of suspension, an inward journey. The contemporary traders in meaning are hired by the powerful to ostend publicly, to juxtapose--in front of millions--an image of the crumbling Twin Towers with the logo of a corporation that develops surveillance technology. These juxtapositions create new reflexes; they're designed to bypass the machinery of the soul.

Business-people seem to have a nose for these kinds of things.


I am not amused. Blogged it.


Well, I am amused. Two great fools trading barbs in good fun. Not as therapeutic as a scene with greater contrasts, but not as brutal either. We need more levity these days too.


Is the truth about human nature, heavy or light? Only when laughing can we face our darker self, and only then by glimpses. The laughter had better include ourselves as objects of mirth. Laughter is with or at. Best to include oneself in those laughed at.

JJ Commoner

One's soul is a poll to be rolled. Fascism by any other name would feel as neat.


Fascism was a failed experiment, not to be repeated. But the lessons learned will guide us to American Greatness.


fol de riddle fol de rol must every parrot be a pol

like that, jj?


A caption contest might be in order.

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