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October 03, 2007


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It doesn't really seem like they've thought things through. I'm sympathetic to the idea of limiting federal power, or a massive re-alignment, but I worry that parts of the United States might become less accessible to me and others who don't "fit in".

I wonder if all but a few split off and joined Canada or created new more limited federations, what would become of the debts and obligations of the USG. What about public lands and parks?

Keep in mind also that the blue states plus Canada would leave a confederation that would be far from an economic powerhouse. It wouldn't be a "developing nation" but a handful of EU nations would have larger total and per capital GDPs.


Interesting points, Gerry. Need a visa to get into TX. I doubt they would let you in. You are a Blue and as such a present danger. You are a Yankee, and a liberal. On the other hand you have needed skills. We might give you a green card or let you work illegally for $5 an hour.

JJ Commoner

Jive talkin', Gerry. Canada is a powerhouse in all ways under the sun, and our loonie has just bested your greenback .. so there ;-)


I think you misread me JJ. I'm saying the remainder of the US when the blue states go their own way or join with Canada wouldn't be worth much.

Texas might send both you and W back to New England as well. And BTW, you can keep AT&T (was SBC) we don't need it or want it.

JJ Commoner

Oh ...

When I read "..that the blue states plus Canada would leave a confederation that would be far from an economic powerhouse... " that doesn't compute to "what is left over of the USA .. " for my brain. But I get your point. I would probably insert the word "behind" after the word "leave" but why beat our respective rumps about a quibble in wording or syntax between friends ?

Chicago is of course welcome to become part of Ontario.


Could you get Ottawa to invade Dallas?


Is Phil looking to be rescued?


I think we would have to start by liberating Austin from Texas.

JJ Commoner

No .. Phil is trying to create the possibility of a perceived threat that will allow Texas to justify preemptively invading Canada, so as to liberate its maple syrup, oil sands and good manners and privatize its health care. Texas' ex-governor, now your nation's Preznit, said today he totally believes in privatized medicine.

Aside from premptive invasion based on a ginned-up premise, there is no clearer statement of a nation's values than how it addresses the needs of its sick and infirm. So, now things are very clear. I understand there may be a bill tabled in Congress to make credit card machines an essential aspect of every ambulance's equipment ?


Socialists will be extradited to Canada when and if we find any here in TX.

Gary Assoff

Gary works ass off for 50 years loses job goes homeless

Gary drinks ass off for 50 years loses heart goes homeless

Gary screws ass off for 50 years loses lift goes homeless

Homeless guy on the grass unconscious ticketed for sleeping

Homeless guy in the ambulance sneaks peek at his universal health care

Homeless guy gets mail at his friend's house all unanswered not forgotten

Off the street he made it how?

Persistence with paperwork Not his

No longer "homeless" now "disabled" stable a category buster

Seems he worked his ass off somewheres paid in like a citizen

Having lost his ass he's now paid back like a citizen touched for the very first time

Flying without a net will be dangerous neighbor trust me on this Even so watch:

City sues Gary for ambulance rides to no where wins applies interest to his payments

County dogs Gary for universal health care case open who knows

He frets a lot in a very stable way behind his door to no where

He stands on his head so the blood will flow

Having a home can be dangerous bucko

Having a home can be fine

You pays yer knickle and you takes yer chances




Gary, sounds like you know what homelessness feels like, either that or you have incredible empathy.

O Lucky Man

Oh boo freakin hoo

Sounds like the system worked. What's the problem?


The solution to social undersirables works but may not yet be final. The market takes time to cleanse itself of parasites.

Cantinjurya Milkshanks

Nice po-um. I think you should call it, "Look! He has a Legacy!"

BTW, check the new laws. Each government entity is entitled to a fifteen percent bite of Gary's ass without the necessity of a civil judgement.

Best to address your debts before they address you, eh, bucko?


Well, tax cuts need to be offset with user fees, otherwise things get out of whack.

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