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October 25, 2007


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two not entirely on or off-point links:

1. Dawkins takes it for granted that Christians have traditionally been fundamentalists, but that as the plausibility of fundamentalist readings of the text has been eroded by the march of reason, "irritated theologians" protest that they no longer take biblical texts literally. Paradoxically, he has the story almost completely upside down. Patristic and medieval theology worked with a rich, at times almost uncontrollable diversity of "senses of scripture". Passages of Scripture gave up their sense only by being read in many different ways. Fundamentalism – in the sense of the privileging of the meaning which a passage, taken out of any context, appears a priori, on the surface, to possess – is, as the Old Testament scholar James Barr demonstrated thirty years ago, a byproduct of modern rationalism: of the privileging of timeless and direct description, of mathematics over metaphor, prose over poetry. Lash on Dawkins

Fundamentalists are essentially modern rationalists and free passes are the least God can reasonably do, don't you see?

2. the fun of the ask:

the sweet spot


Another way to look at it: the less you know, the less you question.


For the proper circle of aporetic tail chasing, subjoin the inevitable corollary: "The more you question, the less you know"


Not an original thought, Tom. I believe that was Socrates's position: "I am the wisest of men, because I know that I don't know." Then, of course, we have Rumsfeld's, "There are known knowns and known unknowns, and there are also unknown unknowns." "Of that of which we cannot speak we must remain silent," as Wittgenstein opined.


If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

If you know you know Rumsfeld but he does not know himself, you know you do not know you know the knowledge of the unknown knowing.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt.

Which of the above did Sun Tzu not know?


Seems like Sun Tzu got it right. What do we know about Iran? We have not learned much about ourselves. Anyone want to guess the name of the next venture, "Operation Ferocious Freedom?"

JJ Commoner

... seems more like it might be "Operation Freely Ferocious" or "Operation Ferociously Free" ?

Who knows, really ?


You know knot.


Wealth Bondage at War is a creepy place. Candidia invoking Freedom was bad enough, now she says she is Saved and can do whatever she pleases in the Holy Name of What His Name.


Operation What's His Name


Operation Nobodaddy

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