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September 20, 2007


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Dottie Welch, who was chair of the committee that recommended me for ordination, gave me a copy of Servant Leadership before I went off to seminary; I was impressed by it then, and have felt its guidance frequently since.


Thank you, AKMA, how interesting. I started reading the book quickly, assuming it was an old gungho management book, then began reading more and more slowly, then began to concentrate line by line as he wrote about Ben Johnson, Frost, Basho and others. He was not just decorating his chapters with epigraphs, he was drawing sustenance from these literary and spiritual traditions. How strange it now seems to find a mind like that "in business." I can't think of a comparable figure these days, a liberally educated business guru who quotes with taste and discernment from the classics and counsels humility among those who hope to legitimize their power.

More Ado About Nothing

As I hve mentioned before (and you said you put on your reading list), Peter Block's Stewardship is similar in its depth, scope and effect.

It dropped off the required management reading list pretty quickly. Too close to the real bone(s), I think.


I did read that too. Thank you for the recommendation.

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