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September 21, 2007


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I came across this">http://speakingoffaith.publicradio.org/programs/darwin/particulars.shtml#purp725">this listening to Speaking of Faith this morning:

One word more on "designed laws" & "undesigned results." I see a bird which I want for food, take my gun & kill it, I do this designedly.—An innocent & good man stands under tree & is killed by flash of lightning. Do you believe (& I really should like to hear) that God designedly killed this man? Many or most person do believe this; I can't & don't.—If you believe so, do you believe that when a swallow snaps up a gnat that God designed that that particular swallow should snap up that particular gnat at that particular instant? I believe that the man & the gnat are in same predicament.—If the death of neither man or gnat are designed, I see no good reason to believe that their first birth or production should be necessarily designed. Yet, as I said before, I cannot persuade myself that electricity acts, that the tree grows, that man aspires to loftiest conceptions all from blind, brute force.

I would assert that the centralizers do not have faith in humanity, they believe that the world is ruled by "blind, brute force", and that the move towards decentralized structures and institutions is an act of faith in something beyond. Many centralists will assert all sorts of lofty beliefs, but their actions to centralize, control and punish betray their motivations.


Roman legions were among the first centralizers. That culture built roads, aqueducts, colossal sites for spectacle, and ruled most of the world from a single Decider. The Catholic Church mimicked that structure, with Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests. Corporations, from the railroads on, demonstrated that centralized power can be unstoppable. Now, the US government is tightening down from the top in response to Terror, so that we become more like an army or employees and less like free-range citizens. We all have our place in the great chain of being, from the Decider, Pope, God, CEO, General, or whomever tops our pyramid on down. We are all under orders, free within a specified range, as consumers to buy as employees to discharge our duties in accordance with the job description, the org chart, and the oversight of our immediate superior.

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