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September 11, 2007


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More Ado About Nothing

Geez, who'da thunk ... ? I wonder if there's a power shift coming (overdue ?) what with all this transparency and stuff.

Those chattering classes ... as K has noted, hard to bury.


Or co-optation. The solution may be a two tier internet that gets us back on track with one to many broadcasting of official talking points from the top.

More Ado About Nothing

yeah .. I suspect that's the most likely scenario. The several decades long gutting of public education has left a populace unprepared for what they need to and will face.

That, combined with handing over the toobz (at least in the USA) to the telecoms ..


Top management looked into democracy and found it to be impracticable, given the current citizenry.


This publication examines the phenomenon of blogging in the context of the larger revolutionary forces at play in the development of the second-generation Internet, where interactivity among users is key.

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