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September 09, 2007


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Albert Ruesga

I'm surprised Candy would hang out at such a sophisticated blog. Is she bored? testing a new product line? extending the concept of dynastic wealth to the colonization of other planets?


She is giving back to society, Albert, through a social venture. Doing well by doing us good.


Chadwallah's in fine form tonight. He'll be quoting Roman Ingarden next -- "the reader completes the text" blah blah.

Sean Stannard-Stockton

Very, very clever. The puppeteer and puppet(s) on stage together.


Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen, long ago: The Dummy giving the Ventriloquist a hard time. The Ventriloquist observing all the conventions of polite 1950's discourse (preserved today in the style of philanthropy conversation) while Charlie mouthed off. To be taken seriously in social change philanthropy we must observe the rules that preserve the status quo. A sock puppet is under no such obligation.

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