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September 19, 2007


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Ahhh, that's the good stuff. Ultimately main street is much more powerful than wall street, I'll have to take some time to follow all the links I haven't seen yet. Blogging at it's best, thanks.


Thanks, Gerry, a breakthrough post for me. Interesting when different lines of thought finally connect, like a railroad network taking shape.

More Ado About Nothing

well done ...


Thanks, little by little you can see the forces converging for a counter-reformation. The liberatrians are fighting mad over the loss of civil liberties. The greens are fighting mad over environmental degradation and "the illusion of news." Progressives are embarassed by any show of ill-tempered emotion and want to make nice with the fantatics to their right. They will welcome a chance to present themselves a peacemakers, deal brokers, traingulators, moderates in the middle. "We don't need the constitution back, but maybe the Decider should be required to attend Nascar events not less than annually to shake hands with ordinary people."

More Ado About Nothing

.. early weak signals, pattern recognition and all that .. but no doubt it will all fit nice and easily within "it's all WB, after all ?! "

It's a cash flow world, and whatever it takes to keep the cash flowing, right ?


Catherine Fitts is aiming at something pretty ambitious, reworking the cash flows into and out of small towns. She is an expert in those flows and has tracked how they leave via HUD, the drug trade, other criminal enterprises, taxes, profits by large companies, etc. She understands the Wall St system of buyouts with cheap dollars from Japan, and she understands how our natural resources and small businesses are being rolled up into larger and larger, less and less accountable corporate structures in collusion with governmenent and off the books money. She is working to get local money into locally owned businesses. More than that she is developing vehicles into which ordinary people can invest dollars that will stay down in the grassroots. She is also working on structures that can hold natural resources in public trust. She is one woman with a vision that could take an army. But as we all know, it takes a network to defeat a hierarchy. She is a node on a network, but no more the boss of it than any other node. There is no outside of WB, but if there were, it would be small scale, locally owned and operated, and well-networked with investors and consumers who want a good return on money, but also want a decent community and a healthy life for their kids. That is a vision that can unite people across the current political spectrum. We might even recruit our friend, Bill Schambra. Who knows.

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