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September 28, 2007


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Pull my finger?


Wash it first.


You have my full support. Perhaps over time you'll be able to recover from this setback.


Heard a YouTube lecture by Bill Clinton on his philanthropic ideas, they all revolved around making more efficient markets. I am sure good things can be accomplished that way, but wouldn't it be nice if he turned his gifts to organizing citizens to demand a return to the Constitution and Bill of Rights?


Amen, Brother Phil.


He maybe can't for fear of upsetting his wife's campaign.

JJ Commoner

He maybe doesn't want to ?


Rights are for losers. Winners take what they want. Then they toss losers a bone and call it "giving"? Or, better they encourage the losers to toss one another the bone and call it civic renewal? Either way, we should be grateful for the bone.


Tug my forelock? I can't reach.


Because your hands are tied?


Short shrift isn't long enough.

Jeremy Gregg

You got the GoogleJuice, baby. Congrats!


Now if only I could put my celebrity to good use, like Mr. Clinton.

Two Nuts Short of a Can

Which does Bill Clinton prefer?

A Haircuts

B Trim

Pass this simple test and your "Bill Lives Within Me" backasswards moral thermometer will be on its way to your humble town pronto.

(Hint: It's something you'll never get, Pilgrim.)


Moral thermometer? How does one takes a patient's moral temperature? I prefer to just feel the forehead.

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