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September 28, 2007


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My five bucks today will appreciate to, oh, seven or eight by the time I retire. Woohoo!

JJ Commoner

I assume, however, that your appreciation of the card will buck trends and time, and grow infinitely in your mind ?


Well, that is a pretty good cash on cash return, AKMA, and it is pretty well diversified. Low correlation with other asset classes. Plus you could maybe hide the gain from the IRS, since this is all under the table black market stuff. What I am hearing on the street is that Holy Cards are emerging as the preferred vehicle for laundering money. A lot lighter and more easily transported in a double-bottomed suitcase than is gold. As the drug dollars enter the market you might get a good pop on the St Peter Martyr card. A strong buy!


Oh, great; now you spread the word, and prices spike upward as speculators and hedge fund operators enter the market. No longer mere objects for meditative reflection, my beloved holy cards now fuel a new engine of wealth for brokers and short-sellers.


Exactly, but you emerge as the prime market makers, profiting whether other make money or lose money. You make millions managing a Holy Card sub-account of the Princeton Endowment. I am looking out for your worldly success, AKMA, please spare a prayer for my soul.


Akma, holy cards as they rise in value could be borrowed against, letting you buy more cards, a virtual house of holy cards, rising like the tower of Babel. You might use the building of such a house of holy cards as a parable, and preach a silent sermon on the sidewalk in front of the White House.


I hear the market in Sophistries is still pretty brisk.


That is another whole set of Infernal Cards. Collect a complete set of think tank thinkers. They don't have the cleaver in the head, or in the back, like the Martyrs do, they wave their weapon of choice about while citing whatever text, religious or profane, suits their pursuit of power.

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