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July 13, 2007


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Glen Macdonald

It got changed. Scott Harrison of charity:water met Philipp Berber of Glimme of Hope. Read the rest on their websites.

Phil Cubeta

Thanks for the heads up.

Glen Macdonald

Phil, One million people now have access to clean drinking water and the foundation is in place for much more. But that gathering and all of our events have a "significant" impact on the way people think and feel about their wealth (money, resources, networks, ingenuity)., and what to do with it. The qualitative and qualitative results are in our files. Out of respect for our guests' privacy, we do not disclose changes in their philanthropic practices. Collectively, it has well surpassed $100m in capital. For more on our recent "Seeking Impact" gathering in NY send mt your email at [email protected]. Regards, Glen


I will do that, Greg. Thank you.

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