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July 05, 2007


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O Lucky Man

It's hard to imagine that the rhythm of this POS "documentary" could be as messed up as it is by accident (I saw the last 2/3):

The American Ruling Class (clip)

Artifice is the downfall of The American Ruling Class

Preachy, condescending and shockingly naive
-Washington Post

Hey, there's Gypsy Scholars in the clip and some even try to sing!

o Plays July 30/31 on Sundance cable channel.

o Harpers Mag editor/author Lewis Lapham's statement


Thanks, blogged the links.


Here's a bit more detail from Rick Perlstein.


Thanks, Kia, blogged it with permission of the Higher Ups.

Duggy Dunn

no mention of Federal Reserve Bank Corporation nor the debt it creates... the financial impact of this unconstitutional Bank is tremendous... 21 trillion dollars of skyrocketing debt... getting all of our federal national tax payments

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