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July 04, 2007


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I knew you were a great satirist, Phil, but I never suspected you of such a brilliant flight of fancy. Housing for dogs? 1% for soup? Careful, I think you're verging on the out-and-out parodic.


Thank you, Nonprofiteer. "Embrace and extend" the best elements of social venture philanthropy and what do you have? Virtue with Profit.


Soup? That's really thinking outside the bogs, there Philip.

Why not force feed the hungry until they explode? Paint them gold like that naked broad in the bond film? Disembowel them and weave room dividers from their entrails? Spray them with that "new car smell" everyone jerks over.

C'mon, caring community, let's kick this thing into overdrive! The poor are ready, why aren't you??

Enough with this effete malingering.


The poor are ready, indeed. All the fight is long gone. The poor don't much vote, don't organize, can't buy much, don't lobby, and don't resist. They have gotten what they deserve. Prisons are the answer to social injustice. For social unrest we have the repeal of habeas corpus, detention centers, emergency decrees, martial law, and that new microwave heat ray mounted on Humvees to teach obedience to authority. A one in 20 million shot at the lottery is the best investment a poor person can make, and hope comes cheap at the price. In a flat world, the slums of America will rival Calcutta. That is life, it is all financial hydraulics. The main thing is that the people at the top be philanthropic so the stray dogs don't suffer.


Forgive me, Masters, I forget myself yet again. No need for profitless rancor.

•  The Investress shall sustain  /  those things worth sustaining.

That is the bottom line upon which I must focus. (And she sports quite a fetching one, too.)


(p.s. I take full responsibility, as befits an honorable man, but...  my dog tells me that the notorious Candidian, Commoner, has been whispering into my sleep. Can't a fellow cop a Z or three without some socialist putting him at risk?)


She who has invested in our polity deserves a return on that investment, surely.


Independence Day - some people call that "Retirement." Or manumission.

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