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July 13, 2007


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You know how fond I am of Dr. Chadwallah. Maybe it's time for him to organize that Cruikshanks Center symposium you had in mind -- what was it: That plutocarcy better serves political investors than does democracy?

You can invite Schambra, Senator Minim, Russ Feingold, and Zippy the Pinhead. You can also commission an egregious essay for them to discuss--that seems to be the norm for this kind of thing. Attendees can be given the option of wearing Groucho glasses (does that count as a "persistent pseud"?).


A Persistent Pseud - exactly. Is that uncivil? Having one? Or it is required, in certain circles, even by one's job description? Let us hold a mirror up to nature, as Horace said, pantomiming the actors presenting themselves a real.

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