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July 17, 2007


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Thank you, Phil.

Albert Ruesga

Nice tribute, Phil.

Hey, Gerry. What year did you graduate from MIT? Did you live on campus? Know any Java programmers who'd be interested in working on this project pro bono? We're looking for a Java GUI/Swing expert.


'83 (actually I'm technichally class of '82, but I took two years off to work). I lived on Burton 2.


We aren't quite ready for that sort of thing, but when Source Tree Commons is up and running, it will be a great place to recruit for this sort of project. We also put this project up at NetSquared, and I was pulling for your project too.


I showed your site to a Java guy who is here at our STC retreat. He suggested that the core functionality you want could be provided with a Jabber server with some Java, etc. to connect it together. I hope he remembers to come to your site and comment in more detail about how that can work for you. I'll give him a poke when we are back home to remind him.

JJ Commoner

I think that many North Americans somehow quietly think (or suspect) that people that do things that are not driven first and foremost by the quest for money (such as open source people) are dirty hippies if not downright un-American. I am emphatically NOT saying that this is so, but I think you must admit that it is against the grain, contrary to a core cultural characteristic in North America .. no ?

I even recently saw an article somewhere about the rapid evolution of social software / Web 2.0 web services, where the author said we have the hippie ethic (ethos ?) to thank for most of this ecosystem of links and web services ..

Gerry amazed me when I met him in Chicago .. I have admired his clear and consistent focus and thinking from afar since then. Please consider this my testimonial.

Michael Maranda

Yes, thank you Phil, and Gerry.

Julie Caldwell

How true about Gerry and the role he plays in the world. And, while he might not be a larger money doner he's the first to donate enough funds to help our collaborative meetings at www.emergingfutures.net over the hump they need so others can come together in a new way.


Peer to peer giving where the nodes contain such precious resources as technical web skills, tax, legal and financial skill, government contacts, organizing ability, and access to financial clout - that interest me a whole lot more than "philanthropy," or "social investing." Both philanthropy and social investing imply a recreation of the social order in which the golden rule is, "Them what has the gold rules." The way I was raised and have always believed is that true Prophet outranks the Poet, who outranks the Statesman, who outranks the politician, who is on a par with the successful businss person. A Philanthropist is a person with money who is or is trying to become a person worthy of respect. Now that old fashioned worldview is dead. Now the top person is the entrepreneur who buys poets and prophets and professors to staff a think tank, and buys politicians to do his bidding. Still, perhaps even now we can honor one another's gifts a peers and as citizens. A Gerry is an active ingredient for social change, as is a Michael Maranda, a Julie Caldwell, and an Albert Ruesaga, even independent of Albert's foundation connections. How can we - and many others like us - find one another, drawing on each other's unique skills and talents and capacities to cocreate a future, outside the top down and increasingly authoritarian frameworks built around wealth and power as end all and be all?

It is the Hippie ethos and you see it Jesus and The Founding Fathers. Schambra calls for it as "Civic Engagement;" maybe he will join us, as, well, in whatever role he wishes. With the kind of money they pay him, he could be the funder? Benefactor? Social investor? In tools for a revitalized civil society of citizens, not dupes.

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