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July 31, 2007


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You know, reality is getting very surreal these days. Ten years ago I would have said none of this would be possible.

If the president is impeached and doesn't step down we will be in rebellion, but it will be the president and his loyalists who are in rebellion. If it comes to this, hopefully we will have enough soldiers who remember their oath is to the Constitution and not the Commander in Chief.


I doubt it. A patriotic cabal of top officers, yes. The soldiers, generally not. A coup and counter coup. Democracy as in certain South American countries, or in Rome. We can relive the history we have forgotten, the history that lead to classical liberalism, where our ancestors decided that it was better to fight things out in open debate in a Parliament than to have endless palace coups.


Good mourning, America.


The transition to a security state will be hard for those of us who had a use for liberties other than those offered in the stores.

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